Bulgarian nominee director

A nominee director is an authorized director who will act on your behalf and in your interest. He/ she does not have rights to sign company documents or dispose of the company bank accounts. These restrictions are described in the Memorandum of Association and limit the nominee director’s powers to simple representation of your company.

The nominee director services in Bulgaria are different to the offshore meaning of a nominee director. The data of shareholders and directors of all Bulgarian companies is public and easily accessible via the online Bulgarian Commercial Registry. If you would like to remain anonymous, probably Bulgaria is not the right place unless you consider the appointment of a Bulgarian nominee shareholder as well.

The nominee director service in Bulgaria can be seen from absolutely different perspective. Appointing a Bulgarian nominee director is considered advantage when it comes to proving the place of the effective management of your Bulgarian company. This is very important for EU nationals who would like to benefit from the Bulgarian favorable tax regime.

To further facilitate the place of effective management of your Bulgarian company, you may consider becoming a Bulgarian tax resident.

You may order a Bulgarian nominee director through PayPal checkout with your debit or credit card.

Anyone who’s not able to exercise the management of a Bulgarian company himself can appoint a local director. This could be a business partner or an employee. Our lawyers can assist you with finding the right person or partner and can advise you about the implications of appointing a Bulgarian nominee director.

The powers of the nominee director can be extended or further limited to meet all clients’ requirements and expectations. The powers of the director will be set out in an agreement.

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Nominee Director Bulgaria

Bulgarian Nominee Director