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The experienced accountants of Bulgarian Companies Ltd. can assist you with accounting services, tax advice and assistance to obtain tax residence of Bulgaria

One of first and most important question for people looking to establish a company in Bulgaria is: “What are the accountancy fees in Bulgaria?”.

You will often get this question answered with: “That depends, we need some more information before we can tell you”. And yes it actually depends on a few basic things: number of personnel, number of invoices and whether your company is VAT registered.

If you represent a foreign diplomatic mission in Bulgaria, you may contact us for a special offer for accounting services in Bulgaria.

Monthly Bookkeeping & Payroll Service fees in Bulgaria

Monthly docs                        Before VAT registration                      After VAT registration

Minimalist Light                                20 €  10 €                                                40 €   20 €
up to 5 docs                     

Minimalist                                          30 €  15 €                                                60 €   30 €
up to 10 docs

Professional                                       50 € 25 €                                               100 €  50 €
up to 20 docs

Business Light                                   80 € 40 €                                               160 €  80 €
up to 50 docs

Business                                           110 € 55 €                                               220 € 120 €
up to 100 docs

Enterprise                                        140 €  70 €                                               280 € 140 €
up to 150 docs

500 – 1000 docs                                200 € 100 €                                              400 € 200 €

1000 – 5000 docs                              300 € 150 €                                              600 € 300 €

5000 – 10000 docs                            400 € 200 €                                              800 € 400 €

10000 – 20000 docs                          500 € 250 €                                             1000 € 500€        

more than 20000 docs                to be negotiated                                      to be negotiated

If you believe that our monthly accounting packages are too broad and they do not fit your business needs, please contact us for an individual offer.

The above Bookkeeping & Payroll service fees apply if you prepay twelve months service. Also, prepaying twelve months accounting service, you get two months free. 

If your company is VAT registered but it is not actively trading, we can assist you with the monthly VAT declaration for only 20 € monthly or 200 € if prepaid for 12 months’ service.

Benefits of using our Bookkeeping & Payroll services

  • If you incorporate a Bulgarian company with us, you will get 2 months free accounting service;
  • Purchasing our accounting services in Bulgaria, we will assist you to obtain certificates S1 and A1 free of charge;
  • Our accounting packages include monthly Balance, Profit & Loss Accounts, Cash Flow Report and Own Capital Report in English;
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your monthly accounting plan any time, paying the difference between the two packages;
  • If you change your current Bulgarian Accountant with us, you will get 3 months free accounting services in Bulgaria (if prepaid 12 months accounting services);
  • Shifting your accounting work to us, we may assist you to change your registered office address for free of charge;
  • Prepaying twelve months bookkeeping and payroll service, you get VAT and EORI registration for free.

Our clients’ portfolio

Our accounting firm mainly assists small and medium sized companies based in the their home countries or in Sofia and Plovdiv regions in Bulgaria and doing business in the following fields:

Accounting and business administration services:

The below are included in our monthly accounting services in Bulgaria


  • Design the company’s accounting policy, valuation methods and ledger accounts
  • Maintain the sales and purchase ledger
  • Keeping of accounting registers
  • Monitoring and control of cash flows

  • Company’s annual financial statements
  • Corporate and personal tax returns
  • VAT compliance accounting, including Intrastat
  • Statistical office reporting
  • Central Bank reporting
  • Internal audit

  • Monthly or quarterly reporting and closing in an agreed format
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Balance sheets

  • Maintenance of fixed assets ledgers
  • Calculation of depreciation rates

  • Provide payroll accounting for all types of employees
  • Produce payroll calculations, calculating of pension and health care contributions
  • Prepare reports to the local authorities as required by local law and all reporting relating to pensions, sick leaves, etc.

  • Managing labour and freelance contracts, advising on the type of recruitment
  • Maintenance of employee’s personal files and work records
  • Issuing of work certificates
  • Preparation of statistical reports as required by the labour code
  • Ensure that client is kept up to date with changes of labour legislation
  • Assistance with Work D Visa and Bulgarian residence for non-EU national

  • Bulgaria tax residence
  • Tax advice and consulting
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Corporate income tax compliance
  • Indirect tax compliance
  • Consultations for implementation of Double Tax Treaty Conventions
  • Tax appeal procedures
  1. VAT

  • VAT registration in Bulgaria
  • VAT planning and administration
  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns to the relevant tax offices on monthly basis
  • VAT refunds in Bulgaria

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For more details about our accounting services in Bulgaria, please feel free to contact us.

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