Liquidation of a Bulgarian company

The procedure of ‘closing’ a Bulgarian company is called ‘liquidation of the company’ and this procedure is approved by the Trade Law of the Republic of Bulgaria which regulates all the requirements for starting and performing of the liquidation. The Bulgarian legislation allows all the creditors to present their claims to the company within 6 months from the initiated liquidation procedure. After the six months period the company is officially removed from the Commercial Register.

The liquidation begins with the decision of the shareholders to terminate the business activities of the company and to appoint liquidator. The six month period of the liquidation is in order to:

  • The completion of the ongoing transactions;
  • To cash the assets of the company;
  • To meet and satisfy the creditors;
  • If there is property left it should be divided among the shareholders.

Our lawyers will assist you with the preparation of the required documents for the initiation of the liquidation process, the deletion of the company in the Commercial Register and the appointment of a professional liquidator (a representative of our company) to satisfy your requirements.

Our fee to assist you to liquidate your Bulgarian company starts from only 299 € for EOOD companies.

For more details about company liquidation in Bulgaria, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Liquidation of a Bulgarian company

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